Monday, January 9, 2012

40th Anniversary Fluevogs - 162.4

I stand befuddled in my closet daily staring at my clothes and deciding what to wear so that I can blog about it. You would think I would come up with better ideas, but like every woman on the planet, I have nothing to wear. These are my Fluevog 40th anniversary reissue Truth Pilgrims. They are so comfortable. They fit my feet perfectly, give the right kind of support and don't hurt my back. If I ever meet Mr. Fluevog again I will kiss him directly on the mouth for making these shoes.
I had some extra time yesterday morning so I did my nails. I try to do my nails once a week and theme my outfits around my colour choice. I didn't have enough time to do a full on manicure, so I couldn't do the dark colour I really wanted to do, so I thought I would go with a "different" colour, so I chose this Barbie pink. I had planned to wear mostly black and white this week as I don't have much in the way of Barbie pink. In my morning haze, however that was completely forgotten.

I had decided on the Fluevogs, the grey tights, the white t-shirt and grey cardigan, but couldn't decide on a skirt. This olive plaid skirt caught my attention and I hadn't worn it in some time, so I grabbed it. Was running late as is usual on a Monday morning, so the hair got thrown in to a ponytail, and there you have it. Happy Monday everyone!

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