Saturday, May 19, 2012

Haircut 100

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As you are all aware, I have a super excellent awesome fantastic hairdresser. We've been together for so long (ten years) and she's a good friend.

I had been growing my hair long so I could have beachy hair for our Kauai trip. I know my hair and I know its limitations. I also know how well it behaves in humidity. I am also a surfer girl at heart. My hair has natural wave and when long and layered it makes the perfect beach hair. I didn't even take my blow dryer with me on the trip because I knew it would be futile to try and tame my hair in the ocean air. I love my hair like that, but, alas, I don't live anywhere near the ocean, so it takes lots of time and arm strength to maintain my hair.

After we came home, I was desperate to cut my hair off. It was so heavy, such a chore to style, and was sapping my energy.

Even though she totally gets me, when I make a drastic change, I always bring in a picture.

The top right photo is me hugging a coconut tree in Kauai
In January, I had it cut into a shag and kept the copper colour. In April, I had it cut even shorter and coloured darker and put in cherry highlights.

I have been wanting to cut it all off for a long long time. I was waiting to lose weight because I was hating my jowls and feeling my face was too big to have super duper short hair. I didn't want my big face all exposed like that.

I realized that my face was puffy because of a combination of my fast food (molto sodium), and Dr. Pepper addictions causing me to retain water and my hypo thyroid.

I gave up fast food for Lent, so went six weeks without fast food, cut down on Dr. Pepper, and got my thyroid under control. Since Easter, I have picked up fast food, but have cut back to once or twice a week instead of every day. You can see the change in my face from the top left photo taken in January, to the bottom left photo taken on May 1st.

Huey asked me if I could stop dying my hair because he wanted to see what my natural colour looked like. I vowed to go without colouring for the summer.

With hoops, without glasses

Without hoops, with glasses
Since I already wanted to chop my hair amundo, and I really really hate long regrowth, I thought I would cut it all off.

The last time I had my hair this short was sixteen years ago when I was dating my husband.

The time before that, I was in Grade Nine and had steps shaved in the back and a tail.

I love it. It takes me less than five minutes to do, it's not hot, and it's super cute. I'm not afraid of having my face all exposed, although I am in desperate need of a wax because you really can see my face more.

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