Friday, January 6, 2012

Afghan Sweater 163.4 Yay! Down from yesterday!

I had a bad night and morning and needed something comforting, so here it is:
My socks match my sweater, but no one could see because of my boots. It has the same effect as wearing sexy lingerie. No one knows you're wearing it but you and it gives you a confident awesome feeling.
I think The Photographer is getting better, but I think I need to smile and perhaps take the photo at the beginning of the day as opposed to at the end when I'm tuckered right the heck out. (yes those are wedding photos behind me)
Here are the socks:
The boots are my first Fluevogs. John Fluevog is so excellent that he deserves a post of his own. Same with these boots. I hope I can do it justice. Here is the Fluevog website.
My husband HATES the sweater/vest/afghan with a belt. He has no idea about what's in style, so I often don't take what he has to say in to consideration. My whole life I have taken risks when it comes to dressing. I dress for me and not for others and mostly always have and I am always happier when I dress for me. It's like I'm my own Barbie doll. I was having a bummer morning, and this sweater reminds me of the Afghans that my mother (the genius with anything involving needle and thread) used to crochet. I needed to have a "blankie" today, so I wore it.
Here are the boots:
The boots honestly do deserve a post of their own. To be brief, I have been a fan of Fluevogs since I discovered cool things around grade 10 which was in 1987. These are second generation Swordfish boots that I saved up for a year to buy and are the first pair of Fluevogs I ever owned. I bought them in 1990. They have been everywhere. I took them with me on my mission (thanks for the advice, Yra!), I wore them to my first trip to Hawaii, they have gone through rain and sleet and hail and sun and snow. Every gig I went to in every club in the early grunge years and many many times dancing were experienced while wearing these boots. I even wore them to the Calgary Stampede this year. Usually worn with jeans, I wear them with any kind of pant and they work for me. They are the only 'cowboy' boot that I wear on a regular basis.
June 1991 - This is what I wore for my mission farewell

I let my hair dry naturally today, so I wore my hoops to go with the '90's hair. (just kidding). The "base" of the outfit is a plain old ivory turtleneck and my black trousers that I've had since 2002 and are so faded that they are almost grey. I've had to fix the hem on these pants 3 times. They are super comfortable and cut in a way that I've been able to wear them at least once a week through Thick and Thin. I would really hate to see them go, but I DESPERATELY need a new pair of black pants. I seriously hate shopping and hate spending money even more. If it can't be done in 20 minutes, I'm not interested. So investing the time to find another pair of perfect black pants is seriously daunting and something I'd prefer not to do. I also only like shopping with someone I really really trust so that they can run interference with the irritating salespeople. I don't have anyone really like that here in Utah, so I end up going by myself which I don't mind too much other than having to deal with the irritating sales people. Having been an irritating salesperson for my first career I understand that they are just doing their job, and I can appreciate it, but I'm shy and I already don't want to be there, so I'm grumpy and not interested in becoming best friends with the bored clerks in Banana Republic or wherever I am. Because they're pants, I really do need to try things on and I hate the return process hassle with online shopping, and I need to be able to see the product up close, so I actually have to go out and SHOP. One day I'll have all my chores done and the boys' father will be busy doing something fun with them so I don't feel the guilt of leaving them abandoned to do something so selfish like shopping and I will find the perfect pants, but not until I lose 13 pounds.

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