Thursday, May 17, 2012

Favourite things

Our church has a women’s organization called Relief Society. Once a month we get together in the evening and do fun stuff.

This month, we were to bring one of our favourite things to share with someone. It had to be under $5.00. At first I was stumped as to what to bring to the point that I was just going to skip it and stay home.

My brain being the energizer bunny that it is would not let it rest. At first I couldn’t think of any of my favourite things that I would be willing to share with someone else. I am a first born child, I’m not so good with sharing.

Then I thought I would just bring some brownies or chocolate chip cookies, two of my favourite treats, but I thought that was kind of lame and unimaginative. One of my favourite things about myself is that I am imaginative and unique thinking.

I couldn’t think of anything that was my favourite that I would be willing to share that was $5.00 or less until –bing- I thought of nail polish. People-pleaser that I am, I worried about what colour to choose. Then I realized that one of my favourite things about having painted nails is the top coat. The top coat MAKES the manicure. It can make a .99 cent bottle of nail polish look like a twenty dollar manicure.

So I took a bottle of top coat.

I decided to follow the favourite things theme and wore some of my favourite things. These are my favourite jeans of the moment as I can’t fit into my favourite jeans. The shirt is my favourite spring/summer shirt. It’s cute, it goes with many things; I can wear it to work or with shorts or to church and it has red flowers. Red is my favourite colour. The hoops are my favourites from the past. The necklace is Turquoise, which is my birthstone. The ring is my Nana's that she gave to me.

Favourite Things outfit

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