Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Penguin Shoes

So. I told you about the Polyvore and I told you about the new shoes.

Here is the story about how Polyvore made me get the new shoes.

Right after I joined Polyvore, I was workin’ a set and putting together a black and white outfit (black and white is my favourite) when I did a search for Spectator pumps and these babies popped up.

OOOOOh! Those are cute! I thought.

So cute, in fact, that I thought and thought and thought about them. Then I dreamed about them and then I thought some more. I am familiar with the brand as I have two pair of shoes from the same brand and they are well made and affordable. Oh my GOSH did I think about those shoes and how cute they were and how much I loved them and how I would wear them every day and they were only $60.00, so I could justify the price and….

Well let’s just say that I could not stop thinking about those shoes and how cute they were.

A brief history of not buying something that I can’t get out of my head:

A long time ago, I saw the perfect white ballet flats. They had no heel whatsoever. There were no embellishments. They had a slightly pointy toe which fits with my pointy feet perfectly. They would have gone with everything. I had just bought a pair of shoes and had no more babysitting money, so I didn’t buy them. Years went by. I looked and looked and looked for white flats and could not find any that fit the bill. Either they had a weird heel or a dumb bow or there was no toe room. The main reason why no other shoes would do was because I had seen the perfect ones and couldn’t get the idea of the perfect shoes out of my head and nothing compared. I finally found a pair of Fluevogs that were perfect. I wore the heck out of them, befriended a cobbler, had them re-made, and wore the heck out of them again. I threw them out when I got married and moved from Canada to Salt Lake City and have regretted it ever since. To this day I have not found another pair of perfect flats and do not possess a pair.

What have we learned? That if you see something you LOVE, not like, but LOVE, you should get it. You should save up your money and think about it and if you can’t get it out of your head, then you should get it before it’s gone and you can never have it and it haunts you for the rest of your life.

I have similar regret with a pair of charcoal grey flannel pumps I saw at the Nordstrom Rack in 1998 and a pair of black and white houndstooth pumps I saw at Famous Footwear three years ago.

I always find what I’m looking for when I’m not looking for anything which is why I found these shoes. Seeing that I suffer from non-buyer’s remorse, I try to have a little extra tucked away for moments like this. Since I had thought of the shoes non-stop since I saw them, they would go with everything I own, and I LOVED them, I bought them. I had read the reviews saying that you need to go up a size, and since I already own two pairs of shoes made by the same company and they are super duper tight, I ordered a size ten and with the exception of some toe pinching on the left foot (which is normal for me when breaking in new shoes), they fit perfectly. I am VERY glad I went a size up. (going a size up is very hard for me because I already hate my feet, so admitting that they are also giant feet makes me very sad and want to crawl into a hole and die.)

I’ve had them two weeks and worn them three times already. Since I can’t wear my suede Steve Maddens in summer, these are my new New Favourites.

When dancing around the house with them on my feet, in my hands, on my head, and showing them to all the males in my house including the dog and forcing them to tell me how cute they were, the consensus of their opinions came down to this: they look like penguins.

You see why I have a blog? No one in my house appreciates me so I have to turn to the internet for validation.

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