Monday, October 28, 2013

Rows and Rows of Polish

This is only about half of the collection
I had some of my polish out so that I could update the blog, and I needed the names of the colours. Dewey took them out of the tray and was organizing them according to colour. He was so proud of himself that he wanted to take a photo. This is his photo.

The funny thing was, when Dewey was done and moved on to something else, Huey came along and organized them according to his idea of how to put the colours together. 

I found it interesting that both boys were into coordinating my polish. 

After they were done playing around, I realized that I didn't like the way I had my polish organized, so I went ahead and reorganized the whole lot.

Guess it was organization day.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Weight Update 164

I only like to do these updates when I have good news.

I have been consistently under 165 for the past couple of weeks. It's not the best, but I'll take it.

I have cut down considerably on eating out and drinking soda. I have been eating yogurt and oatmeal at work instead of chips, chocolate, and soda. I noticed a change within a week, which motivated me to eat from home instead of the drive-thru more and more. I've been trying to save the money I'm saving from not eating out so that I can have a shopping spree, but things are really tight right now, so I'm letting the money go to groceries and clothes for the children instead.

I haven't been to the gym in months. My schedule is nuts right now and I just don't have the time. I need to take the time, but it will come. I wish I could be more consistent, but my life is not my own right now; I have kids. I convinced DH to start walking Orso, and he and I took the dog out once last week and it was great, but he seemed to want to get all the exercising done in one day, so by the time we got back and I was done with homework, dinner, and reading, it was 9:30pm and time for bed! Something's gotta give though - spending time with DH is important, exercising is important, eating healthy is important, but I find I don't have time for any of it.

I am pleased with the weight loss though. My hairdresser noticed. I love it when it's enough that people can actually notice.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Essie Polish

I don't have nearly as many Essie polishes as O.P.I. I have been using O.P.I. for much longer than Essie. I like Essie because it is made in the U.S., so there is less of a carbon footprint. I love the laquers, but the creams can be goopy and hard to apply.

Essie Limo-scene
This is a creamy ivory. It's a little goopy, and a little sheer, but with the right amount of patience, I can get this colour to look right.

Essie Shine of the Times
This is a holographic glitter top coat. I have it on top of Limo-scene. I usually put this on my toes.

Essie Chinchilly
This is one of my favourites. This application is not the best, but it is a wonderful dove grey. I love to wear this in the spring.

Essie Sew Psyched
I was looking for a sage green and thought I had the right colour with this one. Fail. I still like the color, especially for Autumn, but I don't have much that goes with it. 

Essie Mink Muffs
I was looking for a greige when I bought this one. I also failed with this one. I like the creamy brown, it's lovely neutral, but I don't wear it very often.

Essie Wicked
This is a dark blood red. Looks black or burgundy in most lights. I love this one, but as you can see from my ring finger, it's hard to apply. It's also difficult to remove and stains. I bought this in Canada, so it has a special place in my heart, besides how much I love the color. It's close to O.P.I. Lincoln Park After Dark, but with less purple, so I like it even more. 

This is not all my Essies, I have one more post. Stay tuned!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Nails - The rest of my O.P.I. Polish

Just because I went on a blogging sabbatical, does not mean that I was not trying to go through all my polish. I kind of put myself back a bit, because I bought a bunch of new O.P.I. polish.

 Here are the ones I picked up from this fall's San Francisco collection:
O.P.I. A-Piers to be Tan
I LOVE this color. I have a purse in the same color. It's a great, creamy, caramel colour.

O.P.I. I Knead Sourdough
This one's tough - is it red? Burgundy? Brown? The answer is it's all of those. I love it as it makes me think of fall.

O.P.I. Incognito in Sausalito
This is either a very dark teal, or the perfect navy. I love it either way.

Here are some I picked up from the Europe collection (you will see that I'm going through a blue period)

O.P.I. Can't Find my Czechbook
It's not robin-egg, it's not turquoise, but it's lovely. I will be wearing this a lot more in the Spring.

O.P.I. I Don't give a Rotterdam
I love the icy-ness of this color. It's mostly a grey and has tiny glitter in it. An excellent winter color.

O.P.I. I Have a Herring Problem
Trust Me, this is not the same colour. This one is much more of a steel blue. Beautiful.

That's all there is for O.P.I.! Stay tuned for Essie next!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Manicure Monday - Toe Polish

Do you have polish that is perfect for your toes, but that you would never use on your hands?

Here are some polishes that I deem perfect for toes (some are okay for hands too):

Essie Turquoise & Caicos
This is a lovely not bright Turquoise. I say it's the perfect Turquoise and was exactly what I was looking for when I was looking for it. 

Essie Trophy Wife
Definitely a toes only colour. A wonderful teal.

Essie Meet Me at Sunset
One of my favourites. This is a hot, red-orange that always lifts my spirits. Perfect for hands and toes.

O.P.I. Kiss Me On My Tulips
I just bought this one recently and I love, love, LOVE it. First of all, it's new, second, it has Tulips in the title, third, the formula goes on perfectly. This is less transparent than O.P.I. Strawberry Margarita, so the colour is a lot richer and brighter. I would wear this on my hands too, but only in summer, or when I need my mood lifted.

Left: Essie Over the Edge, Right Essie Licorice
Essie Over the Edge is a dark, charcoal, metallic grey. Essie Licorice is black. I would wear both on my hands too. Essie Licorice is the perfect black. Over the Edge is good under glitter polish.

O.P.I. Espresso your Style
This is a wonderful dark chocolate brown. I wear this on hands too, but only in winter, and this year I'm totally over brown, so it will have to sit out this season, I think.

O.P.I. Lincoln Park After Dark
This is a very dark burgundy/purple. I love this colour when I'm in a bad mood, but the formula is really goopy and tough to get smoothe and even, so many coats are needed, and the more coats, the worse it looks. I have to be really concentrating and paying attention to get this polish to look right. It can be done, but it takes effort and I'm lazy sometimes. 

That's it for toes! Now that the cold weather is here, I'm going to try to go without polish on my toes for a while, to give them a rest. We'll see how that goes.