Thursday, July 12, 2012

Things That Must Go – The Accent Nail

The great thing about fashion is that there are usually so many trends out there that one can pick and choose which trends they would like to follow. Everyone has different style, but there always seems to be something for everyone out there.

I have never been a slave to fashion, but a lover of what’s new now, what’s hot, what’s happening, (what’s ‘the latest’ as my mother would say, guaranteeing an eyeroll from me). I like to observe what’s happening in fashion right now and pick and choose the trends that I will add to my style pallet.

I hate wasting money, so my style is mostly classical and traditional, but I don’t fear the funky and trendy. I hate the thought of having to get rid of something after six months because it’s so out of style. That seems like such a waste to me. I like to buy things that will last forever. I have letting go issues when it comes to clothes.

As I am an observer of fashion, I often come across a trend where I think, “O, that’s clever” but then I see it EVERYWHERE and it drives me crazy because it becomes so overdone. Because of this, I have added a “Things That Must Go” section to the blog.

My first thing is the accent nail. This is when your manicure is all one colour with the exception of one nail, usually the ring finger, which is painted a different colour. The first few times I saw it, I thought it was awesome and cute, but now it’s everywhere!! At first it was tastefully done: a french manicure with a green tip on the ring finger for St. Patrick’s Day, or fireworks on the thumb for Independence Day. Now I just cringe every time I see it.

I read an article where men were commenting on fashion and they said that it looked like you were too lazy to do your whole hand. I could not agree more. To me it just looks tacky and overdone and like you missed the rest of your hand. While I see the point that having all five fingers in a Gingham pattern or sparkled out like crazy can be distracting and look a little much so it’s fun to have just one nail done, but the rest of the nails need to coordinate so that the one nail doesn’t stick out so much.

This just goes to prove that you can rock a trend and make it look great, or you can miss the mark completely and look like a clown.

No more accent nails! I’m bored already.

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