Tuesday, July 10, 2012

White Manicure

Remember when we were in Grade seven and would paint our fingernails with Liquid Paper? Remember how goopy and gross it would look? Remember how we would do it on purpose so that our fingers would glow in the black light at the school dance?

Enter the White Manicure.
O.P.I. Alpine Snow

I had purchased Essie Limoscene thinking it was the perfect Ivory colour that I was looking for, but naive me, didn't look closely enough to the consisitency of the colour. It's sheer, not opaque. I was looking for opaque.
I'm wearing Limoscene in this pic

I just happened to be cruising the nail polish aisle at Smith's the other day and saw this one and paid attention to the consistency of the liquid to ensure it's opaqueness. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, just looking to see if something would jump out at me, the most successful way for me to shop, and this one jumped out at me. It must have been a return, because it was the only one there.

This is opaque, but the consistency of the polish is too thick. It goes on goopy and stripy and I. Am. Not. Happy. I look at my hands all day long as they are right in front of me, so when I have an imperfect manicure it bugs me. I tried shaking the heck out of the bottle thinking that maybe it had just been sitting too long or something, and trying again, but no luck. I'm afraid to try using nail polish remover to thin it out because I don't want to wreck it. I have faith though - I'm thinking that if I try another time that it will work out.

I really like the colour, and it's exactly what I was looking for and I'm usually not this disappointed in O.P.I. products, so I will keep trying to make it work. Worst case scenario I will have to use it only for daisys and polka dots, which is what I bought it for any way.
Sally Hansen Acrylic top coat, Alpine Snow, Pro FX base coat

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