Friday, February 22, 2013

Weigh-In 168 ish

Hey it’s been awhile since I posted about my weight; mostly because it’s been depressing. I was initially trying to LOSE weight last year and I actually gained.

So the beginning of the year was caffeine free and I think that helped although I’ve been off the wagon for a couple of weeks.

I had my thyroid checked and even though they said I was fine, I changed my dose and things have leveled off a lot better. Instead of yo-yoing between 175 and 169, I’ve been balancing between 170 and 167 or so. I feel a lot better too.

I’m feeling a lot better maybe because of the yoga. I’ve been going once a week for the last three weeks. I’ve been feeling so good that I’ve decided to add another class and go twice a week. Maybe after that I’ll be brave enough to add a Zumba class. We’ll see.

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