Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Navy Blazer

Blazer Chadwick's
Long Sleeve T Mod Bod
Skirt Chadwick's
Shoes Fluevog
So I've been hauling things out of the back of my closet as I'm trying very hard to not buy new things this year.

I have been thinking of trying out blazers again. I'm not much of a blazer person. I prefer turtlenecks and cardigans, but I pulled this out of the back of my closet to wear with jeans and boots and loved it so much I thought I'd try it again.

This time I also got to wear some of my very favourite Fluevogs; the Listen Up! Stacys. Just look at how cute these shoes are!

Out of this whole outfit, the earrings are the oldest and the shirt is the newest.

The earrings are from my hoops stage where I was starting to veer away from the classic circle shape and move into different shapes like these diamond shaped ones. I have hearts too. I have never obtained the highly coveted star shaped ones that I saw in a rap video, but I still have my eyes open.

I've had the blazer for about seven years and the skirt and shoes for about five.

I love love love these shoes. They are a great height, the heel is so interesting, and I could run away from an attacker in them.

Just look at how cute!!

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