Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weigh in 161.2

I mentioned that I needed to lose 5 pounds, so I cut my hair off. I had been hovering between 165 and 164 before my haircut, and now I’m around 161, so I guess it worked!

I haven’t been blogging partly because I was sick of taking a daily photo, because I was bored of my clothes, and also because I was frustrated with my weight not going anywhere.

I’m still weighing myself every day, I’m just not blogging about it daily.

Being frustrated with where I was caused me to act. I knew I wasn’t going anywhere with my weight because I wasn’t doing anything about it.

I started cutting down the fast food and Dr. Pepper. I found I was going out to eat for lunch 4 to 5 times a week, and drinking 44 oz of Dr. Pepper every day. Not only is this bad for my body, but it’s expensive too. I decided that I would cut this down to once a week. I have been doing this for three weeks now, and I have noticed the weight staying around 161 rather than 165. Now I'm trying to go two weeks and see where it goes.

I have also decided to start walking my dog again. When we first got Orso, I walked him every day, sometimes twice a day. On weekends, we would go for miles. In the first three months, I lost ten pounds! It started getting too hard to get up in the morning to take him out, and afternoons/evenings can be crazy in my family, so I quit walking him all together. I still have a hard time getting up in the morning (thyroid issues), but I have found that if I take Orso out after I get home from work, it gives me the energy boost I need to get what needs to get done in the evenings. It clears out the cobwebs of sitting in an office all day, gives me some fresh air and endorphins, and lets me deal with the rest of my day. It’s also a good way to wind down from work and change gears into Mom mode.

I will let you know my progress next month!
Pic for beginning of Feb

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