Saturday, February 25, 2012


I love the monochromatic look.

Wearing a monochromatic look is supposed to be slimming and make you appear taller. I’m tall enough and was always pretty slim, so I didn’t ‘need’ to dress monochromatically, I just like to.

When I was in my late teens, I had a boyfriend who gave me a couple of his old vintage suits. One was a marine blue sharkskin suit, and the other was a brown with orange and white pinstripes. I love the menswear inspired looks and really rocked the look. I used to wear a brown turtleneck and my brown suede cowboy boots with the brown suit and with my brown hair, my mother would tell me that I looked like a tree trunk. I didn’t care. I wish I had pictures of the fashion I rocked in the early nineties. I was attending fashion college and hanging out at clubs a lot, so I was pretty creative with the things I wore.

I still like wearing all one colour. I especially like doing the matching shoes and tights thing. I have good legs, so I feel that this accentuates the look and provides a long, clean line. I try to break up the one colour with a skirt or shirt of a different colour so I don’t look completely all in black (or brown, or tan, or navy, or grey…), but not always. I even match my nail colour.

Here are some samples of my monochromatic looks:
Brown tights with brown suede pumps, Black sweater tights with black suede boots, Black tights with black suede boots

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