Saturday, March 17, 2012


I have done nothing to support my weight loss.

I have no right to be depressed that my weight stays the same.

I have not been exercising or even walking the dog.

The only thing is that I gave up fast food for Lent. I had decided to give up fast food and replace it with walking the dog, but so far, all I’ve been able to do is give up the fast food. It’s been rough. I crave onion rings and French fries and Whoppers and pastrami burgers.




My poor co-workers who have to listen to me moan and cry “when is Easter?”

The other day I was pondering to myself whether I could go longer without the stuff. It’s not like I feel any better, but I surely could do without the expense of it all. I’m also not looking forward to how my body will react when I go back to eating that junk. I know that I will feel awwwwwful.

I haven’t given up junk food. I still eat like crap, but I’ve cut down considerably on the Dr. Pepper, and managed to keep cut back, so that’s good.

I hadn’t noticed a difference in my life, but when I stepped on the scale this morning, the heavens opened and choirs of angels reigned down on me.

I now have more motivation to take the dog out and stay away from greasy fast food.

We’ll see….

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