Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Darks

Despite the 4 inches of snow that we’ve received in the last two days, Spring is just around the corner. I can feel it. It’s coming.

The reason why I know is because I get horribly depressed this time of year.

I come from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and I consider that city to be the most perfect place on earth. Spring comes somewhat early, usually February, in my hometown. The crocuses and daffodils come up, and the cherry blossoms bloom. Vancouver is a beautiful city, but in Spring it’s a sight to behold. Suddenly, the rain doesn’t seem so cold and the air is oh so much fresher.

Having lived in the Vancouver area the first twenty-five years of my life, something in my brain just clicks in February to tell me that it’s time for Spring.

Spring doesn’t come so early here in Utah (remember the four inches of snow I just described?) When I go outside and get beat in the face with the bone-chilling cold, but my brain expects it to be Spring, it’s a major downer.

The other thing that depresses me about the weather in Utah, is that we are not eased into Summer like on the West Coast. One day it’s ski jackets, then two weeks of mild, tulipy, blossoms, then BAM! The hot hot heat of summer for 6 months. (I’m exaggerating for artistic purposes, but you get my drift)

I’m completely sick of my winter clothes, but not totally. I love my sweaters and boots and hats and gloves and scarves. I love wearing dark colours and with all the sun and heat that is a Utah summer, that’s mostly impossible.

I have decided to ring out the Winter season by going through all my dark coloured nail polish. In this post I showed the black manicure. I am going to go lighter with each post, so here is chocolate brown. It’s O.P.I. Espresso your style. I specifically bought it when I dressed up as a UPS driver for Halloween, but I love dark chocolate (the colour AND the treat) so it goes with just about everything I wear.
O.P.I. Espresso yourself plus Dewey's little toe toes

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