Friday, March 2, 2012

Sweater Tights

I have been wearing sweater tights (also know as cable-knit tights) since I was a little girl.

There is something so lovely about sweater tights. First of all, they are warm. I hate having cold feet, but I like stylish shoes, so it’s hard to find a happy medium. Second, they remind me of my childhood in a good way. They also remind me of ballet lessons, but the reason why escapes me. Also, they last forever, no snagging running pantyhose that you just bought, and they run as soon as you put them on.

I served an LDS Mission in Lansing, Michigan. It gets so cold there in the winter. Sister Missionaries are required to wear skirts, so sweater tights were a definite must. (along with wool socks, long underwear, etc)

I have only two pair of sweater tights; a black pair and a cream pair. They are both leftover from my mission. I served my mission in 1993.

This morning had snow on the ground and I found it to be extra biting cold outside, so I opted for the choice of wearing sweater tights. GOOOD. Choice.

I stayed warm and cozy all day long. I paired them with my favourite black fake suede knee-high boots, black turtleneck and black skirt.
Black Sweater Tights

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