Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wrangler shirt

Country School Teacher
We travelled to Calgary, Alberta, Canada for a family vacation and went to the Calgary Stampede. I had never spent much time on the east side of the Rockies. It was very beautiful and we had a lovely time. I had also never been to the Calgary Stampede before. I’m not much of a cowgirl.

My husband is descended from cowboys, and it is therefore in his blood. He has passed this on to our two sons. Since we were going to one of the most famous rodeos in the world, my darling husband deemed it necessary that we “cowboy up” for our trip to the Stampede. Boots and hats were procured, Wranglers fitted, belt buckles polished… you name it.

I wore my black Fluevog cowboy boots.

John Fluevog opened a store in Calgary right before the Stampede and created an amazing cowboy boot for the occasion. Had I the money, I would have purchased a pair. I am saving for these very boots. They are so beautiful. 

Being a more suburban slash city girl at heart, as mentioned, I’m not much of a country girl. Also previously mentioned, my husband is kind of a country boy (even though he grew up in the suburbs like me). My husband tends to be a purist about things, so in order to get geared up for the Stampede, he dragged us to several country/farm supply stores.

Living in Utah, those places are plentiful.

I tend to try to find beauty in everything wherever I go. Instead of turning my nose up at all the country cowgirl stuff, I actually found two shirts and a belt that I love.

I am also not opposed to the country lifestyle, or cowboys/cowgirls in general, and I don’t think that they’re all hicks, but you know… I don’t particularly go nuts for Wrangler butts.

That being said, this is a Wrangler Vintage shirt. One of the ones I referred to that I found. It is comfortable, well made, and I totally love it. It borders on looking like one of those plaid flannel shirts we were all so enamoured with in 1991 that happen to be back in style.

I love this shirt and wish I had more just like it.

I’m also wearing my Uncle Colin’s old sweater vest (from the seventies), a necklace my husband bought for me at the Emery town Pioneer Day celebration, my black skirt, hose and slingbacks. I like to think of this look as a throw back to the Olde country school teacher type look.

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