Monday, March 5, 2012

Finally! My Favourite Shoes!

I have two kinds of favourite shoes; ones that are my favourites for all time and eternity that I’ve owned for a million years, sent to the shoe repair several times, and will die if they ever fall apart, and shoes that are recently purchased that are my "new favourites".

These shoes are "new favourites". I’m certain I will love them for a long time and that they will turn into the first category of favourite shoes, but right now they are of my newest purchases. I wear them about once a week. I love, love, love, love, LOVE them. Did I mention that I love them? Well, I love them.
Steve Madden 4” black suede platforms that I bought at Marshall’s for forty bucks.

They make me six feet tall. I love it when I’m wearing them and someone walks into my office to ask me a question and I stand up to walk to the filing cabinet or wherever, and I keep on standing up and their eyes go up, up and uuuuup. “Those are some shoes!” is the average comment. I am known for my shoes around the office.

I have them paired with black tights, for the monochromatic look that I love, my “new favourite” black and grey tweed skirt (also bought for cheap at Marshall’s), and my very favourite black v-neck silk and cashmere sweater (bought online for super cheap too).

The sweater deserves a special mention because it is the one that I crave to wear. I look forward to winter so that I can wear this sweater. It is so cozy. I SUPER love this sweater.

The sassy pose is in part thanks to my darling husband who took the photo. He was being all particular about the light and where I should stand, so by the time he took the photo, I was so DONE with taking the dumb photo that I decided to be a snot. Also, I had initially given the camera to The Photographer to take the picture when my darling husband had to butt in and take over, so my sweet first born son was sitting on the stairs sulking and I’m such a Mama Bear that it bothers me when my boy is upset.
Sassy pose

Suede Steve Maddens

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