Friday, March 1, 2013

On her Blondeness

So I just had my second trip to the salon since going blonde. I went even blonder this time because there was just way way way too much orange going on. I had originally thought that I wouldn’t be able to pull off a platinum blonde, but I really love it. Tristann says that I “finally look like a Canadian”. (Meaning that I look like someone who is from a Northern country – this is how she clarified when I asked her what she thought a Canadian should look like – so she really meant that I look Scandinavian.) Any way, I totally think I can pull this off.

I have been blonde exactly three times in my life:

1)      1972 - 1980 When I was a toddler my hair went blonde from the tips up. This means that my ends were lighter than my roots. People actually asked my mum if she died my hair. I was two. I guess people were stupid in the seventies too. I stayed blonde until about grade three, when my hair turned dishwater/sandy/dirty/dark blonde. Or super light brown. This is when the whole what is your hair colour debate began. I would say I had blonde hair – they would argue and say no it’s not. I would say I had brown hair – they would say no you don’t. I could never win. I hated my hair colour and begged my mum to let me colour it and she wouldn’t let me.

2)      2001 After Huey was born with beautiful thick wavy blonde hair, people would look at me and my dark haired husband and ask “Where did he get his beautiful blonde hair?” Look at that, people are still stupid. I wanted to yell in their faces: FROM ME!! I mean DUH! I am the lighter out of the two of us (DH and I), why would they have to ask? Around the time Huey was one, DH started to comment on how he would like me to have blonde hair. I was never allowed to go blonde - “because I would get roots” said my mother. She instilled this amazing hate of re-growth in me and I was terrified of the upkeep. Regardless, I marched off to the grocery store and got myself some blonde dye. I have really thick hair and I didn’t do the best DIY dye job (see what I did there?) so parts of it turned Billy Idol Blonde, but there were sections of orange. Yeah it didn’t work out so well. DH hated it. Shortly after this, when I had two inch regrowth, was when I met Tristann and she offered to do my hair for me in exchange for sewing lessons. I brought Huey with me and pointed to his head and said “match that”. Well she did and we’ve been together ever since.

3)      Now. So I’ve just been so bored with being dark. Or Copper. Huey told me that he wanted to see what my natural colour was so I cut it all off. I was also curious to see how grey I had become. It didn’t last long. Six months was all. I had this cute short hair and I wanted to do something fun with it, so I opted for the blonde. I still love it.

That’s all.

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