Friday, September 13, 2013

Sexy Hair Soy Renewal

Sexy Hair Soy Renewal with Argan Oil
I've been a big fan of Argan Oil for a long time. Tristann uses it on my hair and it makes it so soft and lovely. She uses Moroccan Oil, not this product.

I received a free sample of this on one of my trips to Ulta and since I liked using Moroccan Oil, I was interested in trying it.

I love this product. It. Smells. FANTASTIC! It makes my hair so soft and considering the torture I put it through to get my wonderful baby blonde, it should be the consistency of straw, but it's not. Not only is the colour baby blonde, but it's soft like a baby's too. Did I mention how great it smells? Because it smells incredible. I fear that the smell alone would win me over even if the product was crap - it smells that good, but the product is good. It's not as good as Moroccan Oil, but it works. It's also half the price of Moroccan Oil and doesn't have as much Argan Oil as Moroccan Oil, and I don't have to buy it at the salon. Not that I'm against buying things at the salon, I'm just cheap. Ulta had a buy two get one half off on Sexy Hair products and I needed shampoo and conditioner, so I was able to get this bottle for eleven dollars. That was the main reason I bought this over Moroccan Oil, but I really do love it. It works as a cheaper version of Moroccan oil.

You only need a little - about the size of a quarter. I use about the size of a nickel because I have less hair. I totally recommend this product.

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