Monday, October 14, 2013

Nails - The rest of my O.P.I. Polish

Just because I went on a blogging sabbatical, does not mean that I was not trying to go through all my polish. I kind of put myself back a bit, because I bought a bunch of new O.P.I. polish.

 Here are the ones I picked up from this fall's San Francisco collection:
O.P.I. A-Piers to be Tan
I LOVE this color. I have a purse in the same color. It's a great, creamy, caramel colour.

O.P.I. I Knead Sourdough
This one's tough - is it red? Burgundy? Brown? The answer is it's all of those. I love it as it makes me think of fall.

O.P.I. Incognito in Sausalito
This is either a very dark teal, or the perfect navy. I love it either way.

Here are some I picked up from the Europe collection (you will see that I'm going through a blue period)

O.P.I. Can't Find my Czechbook
It's not robin-egg, it's not turquoise, but it's lovely. I will be wearing this a lot more in the Spring.

O.P.I. I Don't give a Rotterdam
I love the icy-ness of this color. It's mostly a grey and has tiny glitter in it. An excellent winter color.

O.P.I. I Have a Herring Problem
Trust Me, this is not the same colour. This one is much more of a steel blue. Beautiful.

That's all there is for O.P.I.! Stay tuned for Essie next!

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