Friday, March 29, 2013

I had the weirdest dream last night

I don't know what triggered this dream. Maybe it was all the discussion of hair colours while I was visiting teaching. Perhaps it was the review of pictures and looking at old photos of my natural colour. I've been off caffeine for a couple of days - could that be it? I'm sleeping more fully and deeply so I'm dreaming? I have no clue, but it was weird.

Tristann had opened a really cool spa/salon and as a friend and long time client, she offered me a complimentary spa day. There was massage and facials and the full beauty/makeover treatment. Everything was wonderful until it was time for my hair. Tristann wanted me to use a different stylist because she wanted an honest opinion of her staff. Angela Kinsey was the hairdresser and she took my beautiful, baby, Swedish blonde and made it a muddy, gross brown. I was devastated and heartbroken and Tristann would not stop fawning all over me about how beautiful and natural it looked.

You guys, I wanted to cry. After all I had gone through to get rid of my natural colour and how much I love, love, LOVE my colour right now, to go back to that blah? Yuck! It looked like a helmet!! I was so disappointed in Tristann when I woke up. I was upset that she had opened this beautiful amazing salon and therefore quit doing hair and I ended up with that disaster.

The salon was so gorgeous!!! It was decorated in a modern Japanese style and was all white with dark brown accents. Tristann did an amazing job with the salon, but the hair was the worst. I really hope she never breaks out on her own, because I don't know what I would do if she made Angela do my hair.

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