Friday, November 16, 2012

Nails and The Chamber of Secrets

Julep Halloween box
I ordered a Halloween Mystery box from Julep for $19.99. I LOOOVE me a Mystery Box!

Inside were three nail colours; two glitter pots – one blue, one purple, and some nail tattoos. I didn’t know there was such a thing as nail tattoos.

I didn’t have time with the preparation for Halloween and the carving of pumpkins and the in-laws visiting and Dewey’s eighth birthday for any Halloween themed nail art. It made me sad. “O well, next year”, I thought.

Last weekend we had our second snowfall. We’re having an early winter to make up for last year’s late one, I guess. Huey and DH were at Scout Camp, I had a training, and so Dewey spent the day at a friend’s house while it snowed all day long. I got home first, so after picking up Dewey we decided we were going to have some Mummy and Son time. I asked him what he wanted to do, and he suggested I paint my nails while he plays on the computer and we watch Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. We are currently reading the book – this is Dewey’s first time with the books and he loves them – and he wanted to refresh his memory on what happens in the movie.

Dewey’s so sweet – he thought of something we both would enjoy. He knows how much I enjoy painting my nails, so that’s why he chose that for me. I suggested he pick out my nail colours while I got the movie started. I had also let him pick my colours for his birthday, but didn’t have time to do the exact nail art I had planned and just went with one plain colour. Dewey likes to pick more than one nail colour and designs, etc. He likes me to be fabulous.

An aside – the other day, Dewey and DH were hanging out and DH asked Dewey “What’s your mother doing?” Dewey responded, “Painting her nails, what else?” as if I spend all my time painting my nails. I took massive offense to this as at that time I hadn’t sat down to paint my nails in over two weeks!! I had finally taken a minute to myself on a Sunday to do what I love best while everyone else was doing things they enjoyed, and I got mocked for it! Sheesh!!

The left hand is what he picked for his birthday, and the right is what he picked for our “time” together. He also picked out which glitter and which tattoos I used.

Left Hand
Left hand:
Pinky; Julep Morgan and purple Glitter
Ring finger; Julep Morgan, Julep Maggie polka dots, Essie Shine of the Times glitter top coat
Middle finger; Julep Taylor gradient to Julep Morgan, Essie Shine of the Times glitter top coat
Pointer finger; Julep Morgan gradient to Julep Taylor, Essie Shine of the Times glitter top coat (reverse of middle finger)
Thumb; Julep Maggie and purple glitter.

Right Hand
Right hand:
Thumb; Julep January with Essie Shine of the Times glitter top coat
Pointer; Julep January, skull and cross bones tattoo
Middle; Julep January, RIP tattoo
Ring; Julep January, Candelabra tattoo
Pinky; Julep January, purple glitter.

Dewey wanted me to do my whole hand with the red January underneath the purple glitter with the tattoos on top. I have issues with purple and red together, so I placated him with the pinky.

I have never tried a gradient look before and I love how it turned out! There will be many gradient looks coming in the future! I think it turned out really awesome. I also think the glitter turned out really cool. The glitter is really fine and easy to apply. There was no mess and glitter sticking to everything like I had envisioned.

Another thing is this manicure has lasted me all week. I did the manicure last Saturday night, and here it is Thursday and I’m just getting around to taking photos. I don’t know if it’s the new top coat that I bought, or if it’s the layers of polish. Last week, I used three thin coats instead of my usual two (sometimes I can even get away with one coat) and the manicure lasted for a week instead of the usual two days. I also let the manicure ‘cure’ for an hour while we watched the rest of Harry Potter. I suspect it’s a combination of the new top coat, letting the manicure harden, and more coats that have caused this manicure to last so long.

Weird. I thought that the more coats you put on the more easily it chips!

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