Thursday, November 15, 2012

Look of the Day 11-15-12 Grey V Neck Sweater

Orso is a great accessory
I know that I’ve written in the past how I have a perfect thing and something happens to it (like it wears out) and I can never find a replacement.

WAIT - That's a lie. I’ve written in the past how I find the perfect thing and I don’t buy it and then have buyer’s remorse for years because I didn’t buy it and it haunts me because it was so perfect and would go with everything but the time has passed and I can’t find it anywhere!

So this is similar in that I can’t find the thing that I’m looking for anywhere.

A long, long time ago when I was nineteen I had a very fashion conscious boyfriend. He was, like, SO fabulous. He had a grey v-neck sweater that I adopted. I wore it with everything; jeans, my black and white houndstooth pants, a black skirt and tights, etc. It hung right and was warm enough and not itchy and held its shape and was well made and I could go on, but let’s just leave it there and say it was perfect.

I returned it along with some other things he gave/loaned to me after we broke up. (He let me keep the ring, though!)

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Why o why did I return that sweater? I guess I was moving on to a new phase of my life and didn’t want it to remind me of my old phase. That, or it was because I was completely over him and I knew that he really liked the sweater too and I was just borrowing it and technically it belonged to him, so out of a sense of right and wrong or something I returned it. I didn’t need a souvenir from our relationship.

This was the longest relationship I had been in so far: a whopping 18 months. Even though he broke up with me I think the break-up bothered him more than it bothered me, and it was the first time that I had ever been dumped where I didn’t want the guy back. The minute he left, I was so glad we were over. I knew he was right that we should break up, and I was over him. He was the first ex-boyfriend that I was able to honestly be just friends with afterwards. No part of me yearned to get back together with him ever and that has remained true still to this day. There has never been any hard feelings between us. 

So I guess that’s why I returned the sweater.

Any way…..

I was getting some things in Costco the other day and I walked past this grey v-neck cable knit Tommy Hilfiger sweater for $19.99 and I had to buy it. Not because of all the memories of the ex, but because of all the memories of the outfits! It’s perfect and I hope that it never wears out!!

I should have bought two.

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