Thursday, November 8, 2012

White Crochet Cable-knit Cardigan

DH and I, Not the best photo of the sweater, but it'll do
A long time ago I had a white cardigan that I had bought from Fred Meyer. It was really soft and cozy and I wore it all the time. When buttoned up, it had a v-neck so I used to wear it on its’ own.

For Mother’s day that year, my husband bought me a white cable-knit cardigan that he got from Costco. I was a little disappointed. Why did he buy me a white cardigan? I already had a white cardigan that I wore all the time!

Well, this new cardigan became my new favourite. It was a lot more classy than my old white cardigan. It was also more sturdy, so it went with more things and covered more seasons. I ended up getting rid of the old white cardigan because the new one was so much better.

Six years later, we were travelling a lot between central Utah and home because DH’s dad had passed away and we were taking care of the house that he left behind. During this time, we discovered that Huey got carsick. One time he was complaining that he was cold and DH wouldn’t turn on the heat in the car, so I gave him my beloved cardigan. Next thing we heard was an announcement that he was going to throw up, followed by the sounds of throwing up. All. Over. My. BELOVED. Cardigan.

The cardigan was put in a plastic bag to be cleaned after we got home. The bag had somehow ended up in the garage. It ended up covered in mold and was subsequently thrown directly into the garbage.

Interestingly enough, Huey quit getting carsick after this blessed event. He must have grown out of it.

Aye me! My sweater! I loved that sweater! IT. WENT. WITH. EVERYTHING!

I bought a cotton cardigan for work, but it was totally not right.

Five years later, I decided I was going to try to replace it and went to Land’s End and bought what I thought was its’ twin. Problem was that it was wool, so much too warm to go through all four seasons, and it was ivory and not white.

Six years later, earlier this spring in fact, I was walking to the checkout in Costco, and there were a pile of off-white cardigans and I scooped one up because it was perfect!

See, at the time of the original white cardigan, I was looking for a crocheted cardigan similar to one that Andie wore in “Pretty in Pink”. This new cardigan was the perfect combination of the original favourite and the one I was seeking.

Huey will is not allowed anywhere near this new cardigan!

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