Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Shoe Review - Shoe dazzle

I had seen ads on television and on the internet about Shoe Dazzle. The buy one get one free is what did it in for me. I can never escape a good deal, so I thought "what the heck?" and signed up.

I found the shoes to be reasonably priced, mostly at forty dollars. Seemed like a good deal to me. I have recently thrown out some shoes that were trashed, and that's how I justified the new purchase.

I signed up, but wished I hadn't. I had a hard time even finding two pair of shoes that I liked. Most of the shoes are the huge, platform, Kim Kardashian, Herman Munster type shoes that look great in a size five, but not so much in a size nine.

That being said, I LOVE the black Giselles! They are so comfortable! The straps dig nowhere, nor do they rub. I feel like my feet are being hugged. The shoes are well made. They don't seem like they will fall apart anywhere or any time soon. They go with pants, skirts, and jeans. I've worn them to work, on a date, and to church. They go with everything. I am totally in love with these. They are my new new NEW favorites!

I'm not sure about the other ones. I thought that they were denim blue stripes, but they're black. I was hoping they would go with jeans and casual skirts, but the platform is so huge. I look like I belong on Drag Race, what with my super short hair and all over tallness.

Seeing that I could hardly find anything I like, I'm pretty sure I will not be going back to this website, but the shoes are quality and worth the price. It's a good place to go if you like those kind of shoes. Not being a fan of the style, and the fact that they have no variety will keep me away.

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